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Talkin' about Money

Your Financial Health Show is a financial radio show that talks about financial issues that are of importance to you. We offer helpful financial information for business owners, home owners, baby boomers, retirees, and entrepreneurs.

Our guests have been Financial Planners, Insurance Brokers, Lawyers, Credit Experts, Home Improvement Specialists, and business consultants providing an impressive array of financial tips for our audience.

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Michael Gidro, Esq.


Confiscation of Gold and Mandatory Reporting of ALL Purchases of Goods and Services over $600!

own gold picIn the latest attempt to strip Americans of their financial freedom, starting in January, 2012, every U.S. citizen will be required to report all goods and services purchased in excess of $600 (including rental cars, airline tickets, office supplies) on a 1099 form.

Why? Disguised as an effort to collect an estimated $17 Billion in new taxes to help pay for health care reform over the next ten years, experts say this new 1099 reporting requirement provision will cost businesses and the government more money than it can ever hope to generate.

As a businessman, Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith is outraged by the new reporting requirements embedded within Section 9006 of the new "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" aka "The Health Care Reform Act of 2010" for at least three important reasons:

"First, the burden of paperwork this ill-conceived provision will put upon businesspeople will be devastating and is likely to further kill jobs at a time we desperately need new job creation.”

"Second, this provision is designed to further invade the public's privacy and is a another illustration of how our nation is slowly being pushed toward a totalitarian state by the elite ruling class who now control the White House, Congress, academia, mass media and entertainment."

"Thirdly, section 9006 raises new concerns of the possibility of another gold confiscation by the Federal government the way we had back in 1933 during the Great Depression, despite recent government claims otherwise by Rep. Anthony Weiner from NY.”

To the contrary, John Levin, HSBC Bank's Managing Director of Global Metals and Trading recently explained why this banking giant holds their physical gold in Europe:

"HSBC does not want their gold stored in the U.S. but preferably in Europe because they feared that at some stage the U.S. Administration might follow the path set by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 and confiscate all U.S. gold holdings as part of the country's strategy in dealing with the nation's economic problems," reports l

Historically, governments have banned the ownership of gold prior to their citizens refusing to use that which they call "money". In the last U.S. gold confiscation the only gold holdings that could be kept in your safe deposit box without any fear of confiscation were collector coins. Although the laws could be further changed, numismatic coins have historically been the safest and most private form of gold to own.

Mr. Smith strongly supports passage of new legislation to repeal section 9006 of the health care bill (H.R. 5151) and encourages the public to let their elected officials know they want them to support this important bill. As of 7/22/10 the bill has 106 co-sponsors

craig smith pictureCraig R. Smith is an author, commentator and popular media guest because he instantly engages audiences with his common-sense analyses of local, national and global trends.

Serving as CEO of Swiss America for over 25 years, Craig understands that Americans want solid answers to the tough questions and that real leadership begins with servanthood.

Craig is the author Black Gold Stranglehold: The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil, which he co-authored with author Dr. Jerome R. Corsi.

Sample TV interviews conducted by Craig R. Smith may be viewed at:


Obama Commands NASA Chief to Reach Out for Muslims

On the surface, it would read as one of the most perplexing directives to ever come out of the White House. But for those who have become increasingly weary of Barack Obama’s inclinations as President, it’s par for the course.

In an article released at (see the link below), NASA Administrator Charles Bolden (pictured) reveals that President Obama has given him the “foremost mission as head of America’s space exploration agency…to improve relations with the Muslim world.”

Yes, that’s right. Above anything related to space that reason would dictate to be NASA’s prime and only objectives, the agency is first to serve as a diplomat to Islamic nations here on Earth.

For an insightful analysis of what’s wrong with this picture, Special Guests can line you up with two different experts—one offering a religious-relations view and one a political view. Both are available for interviews either individually, or together as a guest panel.

First is military chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, who is not only a religious leader with his eye firmly on the Muslim ball, but is also a U.S. Air Force member with experience as an astronautical engineering student, a missile launch officer and an officer inside the U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs.

The way he sees it, this diplomacy directive Obama has given NASA is not only senseless and inappropriate, but potentially dangerous.

“Some extremist Muslim nations refuse to educate their children—especially girls—in math and science,” says the chaplain. “Instead, they would have them sit and memorize the Koran and learn how to become terrorists themselves someday. Therefore, the last thing we want is for these ‘students’ to be inspired to make rockets. God knows the rockets they create would not be for space exploration, but, rather, to carry nuclear warheads aimed at Israel or Washington, D.C.”

Meanwhile, to examine this issue from another angle is political commentator and former Colorado Congressman, Bob Beauprez (R), who, like Klingenschmitt is troubled by Presidents who put foreign relations and political correctness ahead of national security.

“Unfortunately,” says Beauprez, “hijacking the top echelon of science and technology to cajole our enemies would be consistent with this President’s agenda. He has spent 18 months bowing and apologizing to our enemies, while ignoring, embarrassing, offending and confusing our allies. This President is a globalist and a radical leftist. Remember, he told us he would ‘transform’ America. He doesn't respect our traditions, the Constitution, and certainly not free-market capitalism. Just like Saul Alinsky preached, the end always justifies the means, and this President’s transformational agenda knows no boundaries.”


Bob Beauprez is a former dairy farmer, community banker and member of Congress who has spent his entire life working to leave Colorado a little better than he found it.

He was born and raised on a third generation family farm in Lafayette, Colorado. Bob's grandfather emigrated from Belgium in 1907 and founded a general livestock farm specializing in draft horses. Bob's father took over the farm and developed a nationally renowned Hereford beef cattle breeding herd and transitioned to dairy cattle in the 1950s.

The daily regime of chores, fieldwork and milkings taught Bob a disciplined work ethic that would serve him well throughout his life.

After graduating from the University of Colorado in 1970, he went into partnership with his parents and brother, Mike, in the family farming operation. He managed the dairy herd, eventually marketing their cattle throughout the United States with cattle on every continent except Australia.

During that time, Bob pioneered the use of embryo transplant technology to increase the quality and marketability of the family herd. He also served eight years on the National Holstein Association Board of Directors, including five years as Chairman of the Genetic Advancement Committee. He later also became an industry spokesperson and international judge of Holstein cattle.

The dairy herd was dispersed in 1990 and Bob managed the development of the real estate for his family, eventually becoming part of a 1,500-unit residential golf course community. At the same time, Bob and his wife, Claudia, purchased controlling interest in a small community bank. As President, CEO and Chairman, Bob expanded the bank from one to 13 locations and grew its assets from $4 million to more than $400 million in twelve years.

Bob served as President of the Colorado Independent Bankers Association and was on the Board of the Independent Bankers of America.

While running the bank Bob was politically active as the chairman of the Boulder County Republican Party, and later as Colorado State GOP Chairman. He retired from the bank to run for the new 7th Congressional District in 2002, winning the nation’s closest Congressional election that year by 121 votes. After one term, in 2004, he was reelected by more than 30,000 votes.

While in Congress, Bob served on the Ways and Means, Transportation, Veterans Affairs and Small Business Committees. He was also Vice-Chairman of the Highways and Infrastructure Subcommittee and a member of the Republican Leadership Whip Team.

In 2006, he was the Republican nominee for Governor in Colorado.

Since 2007, Bob has published a monthly e-magazine called A Line of Sight (, a public policy and opinion resource on current political issues. Then, in 2009, he authored his first book: A Return to Values: A Conservative Look at His Party. He is also Vice-Chairman of The John Hancock Committee for the States (

Coalition of Grass Roots Orgs Planning 2nd ‘March on D.C.’

In September of 2009, while the Tea Party of Americans fed up with big government, big taxes and big federal spending were grabbing headlines, they capitalized with one of their most impactful events ever—the Taxpayers March on D.C.

Now, almost one year later, Toby Marie Walker, the vice president of Unite In Action, the organization behind the March, is available for interviews to explain why a repeat performance slated for September this year is geared up to have an even bigger impact.

One reason is Unite In Action continues to grow and has a year of March on D.C. experience under its belt. More importantly, however, is the fact that this year is a mid-term election year, and candidates from all positions—Republican and Democrat, challenger and incumbent—have no choice but to pay attention, as the March will go down just seven weeks before the polls open.

The event takes place over a four-day weekend, September 9th through the 12th, with a 9/11 memorial ceremony as a highlight and the march itself as the culminating war cry for voters disenchanted with the Washington machine moving away from Constitutional government.

But, in addition to that, the weekend will also feature a series of symposiums and other educational events designed to arm citizens with the knowledge they need to make a practical difference in the political arena.

About Toby Marie WalkerToby Marie Walker

Toby Marie Walker is the Vice President of Unite In Action and President of the Waco (TX) Tea Party. She has also been awarded Texas Americans for Prosperity’s Tea Party Leader of the Year.

In the masthead of one of her blog sites, entitled Toby Marie’s Texas Tea ( she states her position simply:

“Six months ago I was just a ticked off American. Today I’m a political activist and play a part in the Tea Party Movement. I have no desire to run for political office. I only want my country to prosper.”

Unite in Action—the coordinating body of the 2010 March On D.C., is a national network of Liberty Organizations including: American Grassroots Coalition;American Majority; As A Mom…A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots; Conservative Moms for America; GOOOH; Homemakers for America; Independence Caucus; Leadership Institute; Liberty First; National Precinct Alliance; National Veterans Coalition; Oath Keepers; Patriots for America; Sons of Liberty; The 9/12 Coalition; The 9/12 Project; The 9/12 Project Network; Walnut; and Washington Patriot Hub.


Experts See Another Crash as the Tax-Credit High Wears Off

In the wake of 2008’s economic collapse that spun the world into a global recession, the Obama administration appears to be turning America into a government-handout junkie.

First came the economic stimulus package. Then, Cash For Clunkers. Then, continued extensions of unemployment compensation. And now, as the $8,000 new-home-buyer tax credit—already extended months beyond its original time frame—winds down with the month of June, economic experts like WebToday columnist, Bob Rinear, are seeing another misguided government attempt to invigorate the market go out with a peep.

Even with home prices and mortgage interest rates remaining low, sales are declining in tandem with the false hope created by the tax credit. According to the Commerce Department, sales of new homes dropped 33 percent from April to May, nearly double that expected, marking the largest single monthly decline ever on record.

And yet, in his latest article (found by clicking on Bob Rinear’s link at, Rinear uncovers the most troubling aspect of the bad news—the fact that many responsible parties not only won’t identify such government-handout policies for the obvious failures that they are, but they’ll go so far as to manipulate the numbers in an attempt to validate these policies, further damaging the economy by misleading the public.

In this case, Rinear attacks the media:

“ . . . a talking head on CNBC attempted to tell us that housing was trending higher . . . How do you equate the lowest level of new-homes sales ever recorded, with ‘housing is trending higher’? Well, this genius says that you have to ‘average’ the last three months and you see that activity is still a few thousand units higher than last year. Excuse me? . . . You really want me to average two months of a government subsidy, with a month of reality? . . . I wonder how many trillions of dollars CNBC has cost its viewers over the past few years. With their constant cheering and turning even the most horrible news in history into an ‘uptrend,’ many get sucked into making absolutely horrible decisions.”

So, as Washington contemplates extending the tax credit again, and federal spending continues to outstrip revenues, is this a wise move? Where is the housing market headed from here? Is President Obama, during the G8 Summit this past week, foolish to be arguing with the Europeans who expressed their collective will to cut budgets?

ABOUT ROBERT (BOB) RINEAR (pronounced reh-NEAR):

InvestYourself was founded in October 1997 by Robert Rinear, who owned several successful business ventures primarily in the jewelry industry. In fact, his introduction to the financial world began as the result of his experience timing the price of tangible assets, including gemstones, gold and silver, all on a daily basis—a talent critically needed to be successful in the jewelry industry.

As Bob Rinear saw the price of gold soaring in the late 1980s, he needed to find the causes of that move. What he found was intriguing. Political issues, global economics and even something as simple as the industrial output in Japan would move the price of tangible assets.

He needed to learn more.

As he became more “in tune” with the global economic process, he noticed that one of his best customers traded stocks and options on a daily basis. With Mr. Rinear’s views on the overall economic situation and “Charley’s” ability in picking stocks, they found a winning combination. But it still wasn't complete.

Once introduced to the intricacies of the equity markets, it didn’t take Mr. Rinear long to realize that he had a knack for predicting the everyday flows of the stock and options markets. He began to attend trading seminars and training camps with the desire to learn how to make profitable trades on a daily basis.

One thing became abundantly clear—none of the classes gave him the total picture about how to accomplish his goal. Something was still missing in regards to how to make a living by trading stocks and options. Likewise, he realized that not all opportunities came in just stocks and options. Sometimes it was a quick move in precious metals or Treasury bonds. Other times it may have been a move in a currency.

Not to be defeated, Mr. Rinear slowly developed his own trading style that began to produce profits. After taking what he learned from the seminars and injecting his own methods of calculating stock movements, options movements, currency, real estate and Treasury movements, a successful concept emerged. He expanded this trading concept into a workable platform that anyone could follow. That was the beginning of his newsletter “Market Insight & Outlook” (now the Financial Intelligence Report). From those first few issues it became clear that the public would benefit from his years of research. He decided to offer it to the masses.

From that humble beginning a company called “InvestYourself” was created. Its main goal is to help investors of every experience level gain the investing knowledge necessary to win in a tough game that includes enabling investors to grow in their knowledge of real estate, stocks, bonds and finances in general.


Author Says Feed Your Inner Entrepreneur

Unemployment won’t budge from double-digit figures. The anemically optimistic new jobs report is being blasted by no-nonsense economists who point out that most job growth is in temporary positions destined to dismiss thousands of new hires by autumn. And a trend is rising that shows many new skilled Americans are being invited back to work, but only to accept positions without full-time hours, full-time pay or benefits.

Bottom line, it’s still a tough working world out there.

Nonetheless, Gary Bronga, a former aerospace worker serendipitously turned entrepreneur, takes the inspired point of view that says every troubled economic time is really just a new opportunity.

Bronga lays the road less traveled out in black and white in the pages of his new book, Bringing a Product to Market From Your Home, and he would be thrilled to share his firsthand knowledge of the most common steps individuals must take to successfully develop their new product ideas and make money selling them.


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